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The privacy policy of DcodeS specifies guidelines regarding use and access of information and data. Accessing our site implies that you have read our privacy policy and agree with to it.

DcodeS does not share any information collected through our website with any external source. The only information that we have access to is what the users of our website submit of their own free will. The contact details like address, email id and phone number might be used in order to answer any queries or provide information. Our servers which transmit this information are well protected and cannot be accessed by any outsider. We do not send any further mails to users who wish to unsubscribe from our services. DcodeS does not share user information with any other website or user.

We collect extensive and detailed information from our clients to meet their business needs. All the data provided to us is secure and is never disclosed, unless required by law. This information can only be accessed by certain trusted members of our team. The computers which store this information are password protected. Clients can safeguard their personal details on their websites through opting for proxy registration. This method allows the clients to prevent unwanted access to their details.

Our website uses cookies to enable quick and better access. We issue a warning, after which if the user continues on the site, cookies are incorporated. The information collected through cookies is not used to track the location of users. IP address of users might be used only to generate statistical reports.